Fountain Service Escondido

Fountain Service Escondido 

fountain-service-escondidoNothing symbolizes beauty and opulence quite like a decorative water fountain. The elegant sight and sounds made by the fountain make it more than just a simple decoration; Water Fountains are a dynamic, flowing, living ornament.

Fountain Installation Escondido

Ivan Fountain Service has proudly been servicing the Escondido, CA area for over 12 years with top-notch fountain installation services. Installing a fountain in your entryway or in your courtyard can really bring life to an otherwise plain looking area. The classic theme of the water fountain is synonymous with the grandeur of Greece and Rome, the elegance of Ancient Europe and high culture the world over. Incorporate the classic facet of a flowing Water Fountain to your home by calling Ivan Fountain Service today.

Fountain Maintenance Escondido

Ivan Fountain Service is not just a fountain installation outfit. We provide excellent fountain maintenance services to keep your fountain looking and functioning its best. While being objects of beauty, Fountains are also complex machines that require elaborate routine Maintenance. Running a fountain pump low or other missteps can cause expensive damage to the system. Ivan Fountain Service are the go to experts that you can trust to maintain your fountain properly for years of worry free functionality.

Fountain Repair / Fountain Restoration Escondido

Water can be a destructive substance due the fact that water dissolves many substances that ionize upon dissolution. Ionized particles dissolved in water can cause corrosion and staining that strips the finish from your fountain, making it look old and unattractive. Ivan Fountain Service have developed many techniques for removing these stains and corrosion from your fountain.

Is there an existing fountain on your property that has become dilapidated from neglect? Ivan Fountain Service are the top experts in the Escondido, CA area for the ultimate in Fountain repair and restoration. We specialize in fountain refinishing and waterproofing. We offer a wide selection of finish styles for a multitude of materials. Because each fountain is a unique work of art made from a large variety of building materials, each refinishing job is also a custom work of art undertaken by an experienced artisan. Call Ivan Fountain Service today to get a quote on restoring your existing fountain to its former glory.

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